Challenge Groups!


What is a challenge group?

A challenge group is a private online group where you complete a home fitness program while getting support from me and other participants!  You will receive motivation, tips, advice, and recipes on a daily basis. The groups are ran through Facebook and are completely private! Only you and the other group members can see that you are in the group and what is posted in the group.

How long do challenge groups last?

The lengths of the groups vary depending on the focus of the group. Clean Eating groups range from 5-14 days. Groups centered on a Beachbody fitness program can last for 21, 30, 60 or 90 days depending on the program. Most groups I run will last 30 days.

Why should I join a challenge group?

Joining the group gives you access to an exclusive closed Facebook group, recipes, motivation, one-on-one coaching, and support from me and others while we are all on this journey to improve ourselves…ALL FOR FREE! All of this is done at home, on your own time and by your own schedule! We all have obstacles in our lives, the purpose of the groups are to help you get closer to reaching your goals while working around your schedule. Your participation in the group is very flexible around any obstacles you may have.


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