Cucumber & Dill Salad!

This super easy and yummy side is not only a crowd pleaser but it’s super healthy too! No mayo or pasta and no need to spend hours with the oven on during the hot summer day.


All you need is a large cucumber, fresh dill, half a sweet onion, greek yogurt, and salt and you will have yourself a nice and light BBQ side!

Take your large cucumber and cut it in half length wise. Then take each half and thinly slice it.

Next, take your onion and cut it in half length wise and slice one half of that very very thinly and toss in the bowl with the cucumbers.

Sprinkle in about 2 tsp of salt. I use Himalayan pink salt, but any will do, and toss it all together.

Next add 3 table spoons of non-fat Greek Yogurt and mix.
If you have fresh dill from your garden that is great, if not take some fresh dill from the store and pluck it off the stems. Finely chop it and toss it in with the rest of the salad.

You can either serve it right away or toss some saran wrap over it and serve it later on.

21 Day Fix

1 Cup Serving



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