Are you actually hungry?

There are SEVERAL times throughout the day that I have gone to the snack machine at work and bought a snack, got back to my desk to realize that I wasn’t truly hungry. I was upset/frustrated, stressed, bored, etc. The amount of times that I do this in a day is frightening. There are a few ways that I have started to deal with these & here is a list in hopes of these helping one of you guys!

I know that all of these are not something that you can do at work but there are a few that you can!

-take a walk
-read a book
-call a friend
-listen to music
-drink water
-think about if it’s physical hunger or emotional
-distract myself with chores
-keep busy
-wait 15 minutes and see if the hunger is still there
-drink tea
-deep breathing
-look at something motivational


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